CUR-8 Build Group-URBINCO

141 Toryork Drive 2nd Floor Toronto
Ontario -Greater Toronto Area, ON M9L 1X9

URBINCO positions itself as distinctly different from others. Whether it’s ensuring that our designs are cutting edge, or whether it’s customizing plans to meet an individuals needs and desires, URBINCO decidedly does things differently.

Our vision is more ambitious than most. With Canada leading the globe in immigration, the population around Toronto is exploding. We don’t see ourselves as just developers. We believe our work is directly connected to the expansion of livable neighborhoods and communities throughout the Toronto region. It’s important to us that we are intertwined with the future of this region by providing signature communities that families can enjoy for generations to come.

With new and upcoming developments, we encourage you to be a part of the future too.
Gary Ng-Wai
141 Toryork Drive 2nd Floor Toronto
79012 ON M9L 1X9
CUR-8 Build Group is a custom home and major renovation firm in the GTA that offer a full management service. We specialize in building new homes, additions and renovations with over 15 years of experience. Our modern approach and best-in-class production system allows for efficient time lines, meticulous budget management and first-rate finishes that gratify our customer’s expectations.

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